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August 4th, 2014|East Rutherford, New Jersey

August 4th, 2014|East Rutherford, New Jersey



I’m so sure that they sample 80’s classic rock on purpose it’s consistent throughout the last album and now this song too. Like every adult in the Western Hemisphere and any kid that watched glee knows faithfully and Jessie’s girl so it’s not like they’re trying to get away with…

it was probably a good thing that zayn malik never became an english teacher because the amount of people who would’ve failed his class due to being too busy staring at him probably would’ve single handedly ruined the education system 

16/09 x/x/x/x



zayn just has this quietness about him. like hes quietly intelligent, quietly loving, quietly talented…but everyone knows that hes there. like even though hes quiet hes still so 10000% present and feels everything so much im so…..

I moved to California when I was twelve and I got a video camera and made little movies because I didn’t have any friends yet. I would force my sister to make these movies with me—which became my YouTube channel. A girl in my Spanish class found my YouTube videos and showed them to my teacher. At the end of class one day my teacher said, “pack up, movie time,” and she dropped down this screen and put on my videos. I started freaking out. Everyone was laughing and I just ran out. The girl who had told my teacher didn’t understand why I left, and she said, “You’re really funny, you should be an actor.” So that was one of the first times I thought about it.

  omfg i cant  
you're amazing k bye

You’re amazing tho 🙊


Hold on a sec can we talk real quick about how on the same day their album drops One Direction will be

  • airing their Sesame Street episode
  • performing live for a crowd of thousands of fans at a major family resort attraction
  • performing live on a nationally broadcast television show most popular with adults ages 21-45

like can we talk about the fucking nail-on-the-head cross-generational promo will they be stopping by a nursing home after the performance


Gustav Klimt, Danae; 1907



Gustav Klimt, Danae; 1907